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# 3

Hello my love,

I miss you like crazy. Without you so many things lose their significance. I could mist myself with perfume, but you’re not here to whisper how amazing I smell as you trail kisses down my neck. I could use lotions that would make my skin feel like silk, but you’re not here to caress me and tell me how soft my skin is, or how much you like the way candle light reflects off of it. I could dress myself in something lacy from Victoria Secret that makes the most of my curves, but you’re not here to look at me with lustful eyes as if I’m the sexiest women you’ve ever dreamed of. God I love it when you look at me like that…. And the list goes on and on

I miss you so much

# 2

Hello my love,

When we first met, do you know what I liked about you? That you were incredibly shy, I’d never liked or dated anyone shy before. Did you know it took you a full week after officially being my boyfriend before you made eye contact with me? And you blushed all the time around me. I found you completely endearing. I liked that when you told me something or gave me a compliment it resonated with sincerity, something that my pervious charming boyfriends lacked. I appreciated that you worried about me and did little things for me. When I was with you I was filled with a feeling I couldn’t and can’t quite describe.

Do you want to know a secret? You scared the hell out of me. I knew I was falling for you hard and fast and I hadn’t loved anyone in years. No one ever disarmed me or effected me they way you did. You turned my from a no-nonsense, overly rational, slightly cynical, guarded person to, what I lovingly refer to as, a lovesick junkie.

You have become my drug, my obsession, my euphoric high. No cost is too high and no lengths are too great for me to get more. Without you I meltdown and shatter, I have to have to you.

Hello my love,

For many reasons there are things that I can’t tell you in person, mostly because you’re not ready to hear them, but I feel like I’m going to burst from the over abundance of things I need to say. So i’ll say them here, & one day when you’re ready, I’ll let you read this.

I’m sorry. Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am for the pain you’ve endured at the hands of the previous girl’s you’ve given your heart to. I’m sorry that I didn’t understand how deeply and barely healed your scars from the past are. I’m sorry that you aren’t able to voice this to me or maybe even to yourself. Most of all I’m sorry that I treated you like a normal guy and didn’t give you the treatment that your fragile and skittish heart needed. I overwhelmed you with the magnitude of my love where I should have slowly given you carefully measured spoonfuls until you got more comfortable. I didn’t know & you didn’t tell me, but I know now.

You’ve bolted and gone into hiding, but the same reason that makes you run is also the reason that makes you come back every time. I’m everything you’ve ever wanted in a woman and I’m not someone you can live without. Armed with new knowledge and a plan, this time will be different. I won’t overwhelm you with a decadent 7 layer cake, I’ll feed you crumbs.

I love you, even when I don’t understand you, or even when you make me cry and break my heart. I love you more than I ever thought was possible. The word “love” has forever been redefined in my mind because of you. I will always forgive you, and love you. Despite my frustrations and best efforts, you are not someone that I can walk away from or live without. Any other choice but to figure us out is completely unacceptable and unfathomable. So until you gather your courage and reach out to me again, I’ll be here praying for you and planning how many crumbs to feed you.

jlove6894 asked:

Okayy, thank you so much(:

No problem! I hoped that helped! By the way if you do decide to go to Makeup First, it’s a great school. I learned a lot and had a ton of fun!! Feel free to ask me any questions about makeup, products, brushes ect. I know when I first started school I was confused on what to buy and what was worth it and what was a scam.

jlove6894 asked:

Hey whats up? my name is Joane. i noticed you go to makeup school i was just wondering what makeup school you go to? and where are you from? i'm from chicago and i'm thinking of going to makeup school in California but i'm not sure yet, sorry if this is kind of weird that i'm writing to you asking you these questions but i just wanted to know what i'm really getting into.

Hey! Feel free to ask me anything! I’m from Chicago too and I went to Make Up First. It’s downtown, and not crazy expensive. Although if money isn’t a big deal you should definitely check out MUD ( Make-Up Designory) it’s one of the best in the US. It’s in NY.

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